Most graduate programs are in the business of attracting, retaining, and developing the best students. They’re not in the business of helping those students find places to live. That’s why we started, why graduate programs love us, and why we’ve flourished with incredible feedback. Among other things that we do for schools, some of the common items are:

  • Service each individual student that reaches out to us. Once the student reaches out to us (via email, phone, our website), we go over their criteria (move-in date, size unit, location, budget, pets, parking, etc.). We then send them several options that fit their criteria – they get pictures, floorplans, rental rates, etc.). If they can come visit, we take them around to all of their top choices. And if they can’t visit, we can help them remotely which they love. It’s really that simple.
  • Offer to have informational tables during Admit Student Weekends, Visitors Weekend, Orientation, etc.
  • Speak to new and current students about housing, safety, public transportation, neighborhoods, getting acclimated, things to do, etc.
  • We are constantly vetting the buildings and landlords that we’re placing your students in. All we have is our reputation and we take this very seriously.

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