• We are doing this every single day.

    Approximately 40-50% of the students we help are from outside the United States. We understand that internationals students face a different set of challenges when looking for housing in U.S. cities. From the documents required to the difficulty of viewing apartments from thousands of miles away, we have you covered every step of the way. And while many international students do end up visiting, most do not and we specialize in remote lease signings. Please see our FAQs as to how this works and simply contact us today!

  • If You Are Able to Visit Prior to Renting An Apartment

    We can help you by:

    • Answering any questions prior to arrival about buildings close to your school, neighborhoods, student discounts, etc
    • Arranging and scheduling a tour for you so everything is set when you arrive
    • Being available by phone, email or Skype whenever you have any questions
    • Helping with signing your lease
  • Documents

    Please note that at least one or more of the following documents will be required when signing a lease in the United States:

    • Copy of your passport
    • Copy of your I-20
    • Proof of income (financial aid, tax receipt, loan documents, pay stubs, bank statements, etc.)
    • Copy of your I-94 form denoting arrival-departure record

    We can answer all your questions about renting, buying, signing leases, and moving to a new city! And if you can’t visit, we have you covered! Please reach out to us as soon as you get accepted.

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