River North Real Estate

River North shines as Chicago’s cultural hub, where hundreds of restaurants, art galleries, and boutiques meet. North of The Loop and the Chicago River, west of Michigan Avenue, and south of Chicago Avenue, River North offers the best in both daytime and evening activities. From shopping at the numerous specialty furniture stores and antique shops to dining at the neighborhood’s ethnic or famed chain restaurants, denizens of River North never find themselves at a loss for entertainment. Meanwhile, upscale wine bars and clubs keep a River North evening humming into the wee hours.

Taking a stroll a hundred years into River North's past, one discovers that the area used to go by an entirely different name: Smokey Hollow. Adopted in reference to the factories that used to fill the area with smoke so thoroughly that they blocked the sunlight, the name shifted during the 1970s in an effort to repurpose the neighborhood. It was at that time that the area began to see a turn-around, as developers restored vacant commercial properties into living and work spaces for local artists. This transformation reinvigorated the newly named River North into an attractive Chicago destination for businesses and creative communities.