Streeterville Real Estate

Streeterville’s boundaries are defined by Michigan Avenue and the Magnificent Mile to the west, the Chicago River to the south, Lake Michigan to the east, and Walton Street to the north. This luxurious neighborhood consists largely of high-rise apartments and condo housing, with some townhouses to be found along the river. Streeterville’s towering luxury housing blends in with the area’s businesses and upscale shops, dining, and nightlife. Streeterville also proves that there is always a diverse range of activities and events going on in Chicago—in addition to luxury housing, the neighborhood is home to Navy Pier, numerous Northwestern University buildings, and the East Lake Shore Drive Historic District.

Streeterville has perhaps the most interesting history of any of Chicago's neighborhoods, considering that the land on which it now rests was originally a sandbar off of Lake Michigan. When, in the late 1800s, George Wellington "Cap" Streeter arrived via boat on the sandbar during a storm, he chose to live there with his wife and claim the land for his own. After the Great Chicago Fire, Streeter developed the land into a shantytown, which marked the beginning of a long battle against city officials and business-owners to take hold of the property (which he finally did by the early 1900s). Since then, Streeterville has seen a boom in development, with high-rise architecture in historic styles ranging from Beaux-Arts Classicism to Gothic Revival.